Nadia Speranza
/ Art Director 

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Buenos Aires 
(coming soon)

La Politización del Lenguaje

Political Language


Confinamiento Collectivo
Lockdown Dialogues


Personal Project

24 film roll project

A personal project in where I’m looking to get 24 personal meaningful shots of different places around the world
This is a work in progress that will be updated as I keep on traveling

24 - Buenos Aires

23 - New York 
I (heart) too 

22 - Chicago 
Beutiful roughness 

21 - Abu Dhabi 
Where it’s always summer 
20 - Barcelona
I (always heart)

19 - Bath 
Just another tourist 

18 - Dubai
The land of the bestest

17 - London
Challenges - Challenges - Challenges

16- Brighton
Time Out from the city