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︎ Design Strategies, Research, Methods and Methodologies ︎︎︎

Commerce Design of Horta, Barcelona.
In collaboration with BAU 

︎︎︎ Community research
︎︎︎ Design solutions 
︎︎︎ Brand identity

We were on the official Barcelona Council Site.︎︎︎
We also had a website ︎︎︎

︎ The Design Museum and Barcelona Activa sponsored a multi-disciplinary group of graphic and interior designers to search for solutions on how to improve the local commerce of the upcoming neighbour of Horta, in Barcelona. The objective of this project aimed to rescue the local commerce by bringing the unique local and cultural characteristics that makes this neighbour so different and special from the rest of Barcelona. 

We based the progress of the project using investigation methods and methodologies from the design fields. 

Some of the methods that we used were: 
︎︎︎  Double-diamond scheme

︎︎︎ Mind maps

︎︎︎ Co-Design workshops with the owners of the neighbourhood traditional shop

After all theinvestigation, we analysed the data collected from the primary and secondary sources and came up with a plan for our final intervention in the neighbourhood

︎︎︎ Brainstorming and process of the structure for the final action: 

︎︎︎ Street intervention: “collectors of history”
An intervention that aimed to tell the story of the local shop, engaging the community with the history of the place. 

View video of the final action ︎︎︎