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︎ Design Strategies, Research, Methods and Methodologies ︎︎︎

Research in the Design field 
Investigation methods and methodologies applied.

What is Design Thinking?
Design thinking is a technique that aims to elaborate a visual response through a targeted research methodology.  

Design thinking gets into the core of the problem, discovering different perspectives, solutions and creating a targeted brand narrative. This methodology can be applied to both commercial and social purposes.

How to Design Think? 
Design thinking is a complex process that needs to be tailored accordingly to each project. However, there are basic rules that there needs to be followed during the process of design thinking by: 
- Analysing behavioural patterns and understanding the causes. 
- Taking in consideration the contextual situation.
- Understanding the problems as new opportunities to improve. 

Design Research

What are the Research Methodologies? 
Research Methodologies are tools and techniques that allow us to get visual and written information. It’s a strategic investigation and analysis process, the core beginning of each project. 

Design Reseach Tools
1/ Documented Testimonies

Interviews and documentation collects a rich qualitative information that can be used later for the narrative identity

2/ User Journey Maps
Targeted written documentation examples: 

3/ Written Survey Documentation
Written surveys usually allow  interviewee to have a private and honest answer without the pressure of being observed. 

4/ Secondary Research Data Gathering: 
Secondary research is a crucial part of the process as it will allow you to fully understand what other sources have been saying already about the project you are wanting to investigate. 

Most of the information can be gathered through the following visuals:
- Infographics 
- Chart Maps 
- Map Data
- Photographic Research 

5/ Interactive and Collaborative Workshops 
Co-designing and collaborative workshops are usually a creative and interactive tool that allows you to interact with the client’s thinking and vision from graphic shapes.  

Research Analysis
A research analysis will lead you to the early stages of the narrative and the creative direction. 

It is the stage where all data collected and documented gets analysed. 

1/ Brainstorming and visual maps
A visual map is a natural process of finding patterns and repetitions through a contextual physical space. 

A brainstorming of ideas is an intuitive process, that allows ideas to flow without any judgement. 

2/ Propotype Testing
Prototype testing and experimentation allow to sensor-testing the responses of the public and sharp your focus if needed.

It exposes your original idea and it challenges your main narrative. The result is helpful feedback that corrects or potentialize your original narrative.