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︎ Design Strategies, Research, Methods and Methodologies ︎︎︎

The gentrification of Elephant and Castle. MA degree in Graphic Design 

︎︎︎ University of the Arts London, UK
︎︎︎ Design research, methodologies and methods
︎︎︎ Design for social impact
︎︎︎ Alumni spotlight nominee in LCC


The following research studies the use of language around the gentrification of Elephant and Castle, in response to the research question: In which ways do graphic forms allow for different interpretations in the developers and protesters messages related to the redevelopment of Elephant and Castle?

The intention of this project is to demonstrate the disruption within the meaning of language by interfering with its graphic forms and context and reconfigure the author’s original narrative. In this case, the Southwark Council billboard is translated into the form of the protesters' stickers found in the neighbourhood, language is taken as an object that can be broken down and reconstructed, invoking a different narrative and exploring the meaning behind language.

Patterson (2009) pointed out that language is there to interrogate the social and cultural landscape itself. He also said that language is political, how we live, how we judge, how we feel, how we differ and how we resolve our differences

Art and Text (2009, p.191). London: Black dog publishing 

︎︎︎ The language of Gentrification